Become a DIPSODA Partner & earn money



Program details

  • Commission: 15% of every order you refer (higher rates available based on performance)
  • Discount codes to incentivise customer sales

We'd love for you to share the word about DIPSODA via your social media channels and blog. Posting images and videos will really help us! Just use #clubdipsoda to start spreading the word.

How to sign up

1. Use the sign up form below. Enter your name and email address to set up an account. 

2. You'll be presented with a 'Thank you' pop up. It displays your unique discount code. You will also be sent an email confirming your registration (please check your spam/junk inboxes too).

3. The email will include your discount code, sharing links and option to finish setting up your affiliate account.

4. Select 'Complete Sign Up'. You'll be asked to input your name and email address as before, as well as a phone number. You will also need to create a password.

5. Your email address and password is what you will use to login into your DIPSODA affiliate account. Once you have created it and logged in, you'll be presented with your dashboard.

6. Your unique discount code will show here, along with your commission value, commission earned and commission owed to you. 

7. On the right hand side of the dashboard, there will be an option to add your PayPal so that you can get paid your commission. Be sure to connect this. Without this information, we'll be unable to pay you!