Top Smartphone Accessories in 2021

Top Smartphone Accessories in 2021

Our Top Smartphone Accessories in 2021

As smartphones are becoming an increasingly standard part of our everyday life, pretty much everyone owns a smartphone these days. We spend the majority of our time with smartphones, as they act more like an assistant. Modern day cutting-edge smartphone devices are really amazing and work wonders. From extraordinary equipment to great hardware, operating systems, and special features, everything is just top-notch. But accessories are what enhance the functionality, usefulness, and appearance. The smartphone industry is evolving and so is the accessory market.

Most of the accessories are universal and pair with all smartphones, while some are designed specifically for particular models only. We have penned down the absolute best and most valuable mobile phone gadgets and accessories that will make your life simpler and save time also. You might question: 'What do I need a smartphone accessory for?' The appropriate response is that you need it to simply upgrade your mobile phone's capability.

As we dive deep into the phone accessories world, we notice that there are many brands with versatile products. While every one of them helps improve your mobile phone experience and insight, not every add-on is necessary. There are many accessories that we believe to be essential.

Smartphone Protective Covers

DIPSODA Powder Blue Snap Phone Case

One accessory that is unquestionably a requirement for a smartphone is a defensive case or cover. Smartphone companies specifically focus on protective and state-of-the-art design specifications. These days cases accompany glass edgy builds and large displays, but in order to flaunt our phones, the idea of covering the device is baffling. Yet, the best way to ensure that the gadget stays in great condition is with a case. Appalling mishaps can happen regardless of whether you are cautious, and a broken screen or glass back can be costly to fix. Phone cases are meant to not only increase the phone’s life but also minimise the damage so it lasts longer. Phone cases also enhance the beauty of your phone.

There are different categories of the most well-known cases that you can use to adorn your smartphone while offering it security simultaneously.

Silicon Cases

Silicon cases are an incredible decision in case you're searching for something that is light-weight, fundamental, and doesn't remove your phone's unique look, particularly the transparent types. They are delicate, adaptable, and offer assurance against minor falls and scratches.

Plastic Cases

Throughout the planet, plastic cases are the most regularly bought cases. They usually give proper security and protection. The smooth matte or gloss finish makes them interesting to look at. The best thing about plastic cases is that they fit well around the phone and have perfect cutouts.

Tough Cases

Tough cases have acquired huge prominence throughout recent years. Their tough assembly permits them to give top-notch phone assurance against the most genuine drops, falls, and scratches. This is accomplished by their hard polycarbonate shell commonly known as TPU and soft rubber insert, producing two-layered protection.

Flip Cases

Flip cases are celebrated for their overall telephone security. They are normally made of premium genuine leather that gives a smooth grip over the phone and has a front flip that secures the phone screen against harm and spies. In comparison to other case types, flip cases are quite costly. However, they work effectively in providing long-lasting security.

Designer Cases

Designer cases are specifically designed for people who wish to express their sense of style. These cases are usually sparkly with glitter touch, having illustrations, TV characters, and logos with unique colours and combinations. Hard or silicone cases might be utilised to make these.

Wallet Cases

A wallet phone case that flips open with easy access to the phone and four card slots and an ID slot. Travel as light as a feather with a phone case that performs two-fold responsibility as your wallet. These cases not just shield your phone from drops and scratches but in addition, hold the essentials you'll require on a day-to-day basis.

Power Banks

Most phones with average use at most give you one day of battery life, but it depends on the amount you use your device. The battery usually drains quickly in cases that involve a lot of camera usage, playing video games, using the phone for GPS navigation all day, or any other battery-intensive activities. A decent versatile battery bank will guarantee that you never need to stress over a withering telephone battery until the end of time.

A power bank permits you to store electrical energy, which you can later use to charge your mobile phone when it's depleted. Power banks are mobile phone extras that have gotten so mainstream due to their capacity to save your phone's battery life. To successfully utilise them, you need to charge them first, without doing this they are comparable to nothing.

Wireless Chargers

Yootech Wireless Charger, 10W Max Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless chargers are helpful to juice up your mobile phone without having to connect it to a plug, regardless of the fact that they're slower than wired chargers. Stand-style chargers are the best in light of the fact that, in contrast to flat horizontal pads, they permit you to utilise your mobile phone while it's charging.

The best wireless chargers will help you cut down the messiness. With a wireless charger, you just drop your telephone on a charging pad, and the juice begins streaming; there's no compelling reason to spend time finding a USB-C or Lightning link. What's harder is concluding which is the best wireless charger for you. They all have various plans, costs, and design specifications.

Screen Protectors

When a phone drops, we are scared to pick it up, thinking we’ll have to look at a shattered screen that breaks our heart. Obviously, a shattered screen looks ugly and decreases the life and value of a phone as well. Therefore, it is recommended that the moment you buy a phone, make it secure with the screen protector to avoid the heartbreak with a shattered screen in case of a mishap. A variety of screen protectors are available in the market in order to save your phone from any scratch or daily wear and tear.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass screen protectors are quite common these days due to their high-quality and toughness. Being manufactured through different controlled thermal and chemical procedures, this safety glass is often used for car windshields and kitchen appliances. It provides a natural clear display with the anti-reflective and anti-glare ability, which makes your phone screen experience smooth.

TPU Plastic Screen Protector

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) plastic is commercially used due to its flexibility, high abrasion resistance, oil and grease resistance, high shear strength, and transparency. It securely fits the screen and ensures its safety with high impact protection. TPU protectors feature the healing property against scratches.

PET Plastic Screen Protector

PET plastic screen protectors are the defensive gear for your phone screen that is made up of polyester film and have a matte coating on one side and silicone on the other. These high-quality screen protectors provide natural clarity and have an addition of an anti-scratch layer.

Anti-glare Screen Protector

As the name shows, anti-glare screen protectors have a matte finish coating that is meant to reduce glare on your mobile screens when used in bright light. These protectors save your phone from dust and smudges. Moreover, it does not show the fingerprint marks.

Privacy Screen Protector

You are surely in need of a privacy screen protector if you have friends and family who are continuously peeping around to sabotage your privacy. These protectors feature an anti-spying layer that shields your smartphone from prying eyes. It lets you see your screen from your angle but keeps others from looking over. These protectors work by limiting the viewing angle on your device.

Bluetooth Headphones / Earphones

The number one accessory if you are a music or a video lover, is to have a handy earpiece, as it is important for multitasking e.g, taking a call while doing chores. In the face of the prevalence of videoconferencing, wireless headphones or earphones are really important accessories. Only a modest bunch of smartphones accompany great inherent speakers, and the fate of the earphone jack is still in limbo. Fortunately, Bluetooth earphones and headphones are improving and get better with each generation. There is a lot of fabulous alternatives to browse now. Although these can be expensive, some benefits of Bluetooth headphones or earpieces include:

  • Audio quality
  • Distance
  • Battery life
  • Wire-free quality
  • Noise filtering or sound cancelling

Smart Watches

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS, 40mm Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

Most people don’t feel the need for a smart watch unless you are a person who loves gadgets and new technology. A large number of smart watches sync to your phone so you'll get notifications via your watch. Owning a smart watch can be useful if you need to check who is calling or texting, if you want to respond you can do that without the need to pull out your phone. Smart watches are like traditional watches. Most smart watches will track your basic health metrics such as steps and calories, while devices with built-in GPS make for perfect running, cycling, and swimming fitness trackers.

Phone Stands or Car Mounts

Your smartphone not only resides in your bag or pocket but also can be used in your car. That’s where phone stands come in. They hold onto your device when you just want to be hands-free. Imagine going in a car somewhere and having to look down to your phone again and again to check your maps. How hectic is it going to be? Perhaps you want to watch videos while having dinner on your phone. That's when you’ll realise how important phone stands are. Phone stands are small objects that are used to prop up your mobile device. They are designed to sit on a hard surface, like a table or desk, so you can watch videos, scroll through pics, navigate directions via maps and ultimately, keep your phone clean and safe.

Pop Up Phone Grips

DIPSODA Natural Marble Pop Up Phone Grip

A mobile phone is something that is simple to break, particularly if you're normally cumbersome or inclined to drop your phone. With mobile phones expanding and getting bigger, a mobile phone grip can be a game-changer. They decrease the danger of drops and falls, while additionally making it simpler to securely carry your most valuable gadgets. Pop up phone grips are small adhesive accessories that stick to the back of your phone and offer secure extra grip so you can text with one hand, snap better selfies, and stop phone drops. 

Running Armband

If you are a fitness enthusiast and frequently go running or to the gym, you might be concerned with how to handle your phone. In this case, an armband is the best option. Many brands manufacture armbands which are compatible with most phones. Usually, they have a plush, elastic band for non-obtrusive comfort, reflective borders for safety, and a small pocket to hold their keys as they run.

Let's Conclude

Technology has made our lives easier with new phone accessories. There are many other smartphone accessories like charger heads, charging cables, SD cards, phone stands, camera lenses, selfie sticks etc that could make the list. However, we consider this list to provide the top smartphone accessories of 2021.

The greater part of us would think that it's hard to get by without a mobile phone and a bare minimum set of accessories. Be it power banks, headphones, or smartwatches, these accessories are an unquestionable requirement nowadays.