The Best Phone Cases for the iPhone 13

The Best Phone Cases for the iPhone 13

You might have recently bought the iPhone 13. And wow, what a beautiful device. Available in gorgeous colours such as pink, blue, red, black and white, it is definitely worth protecting yours. These cases offer more than protection. With our snap and impact versions available, it’s up to you which type will suit your needs better. 

With our stylish phone cases, you will achieve great protection for your iPhone 13. With this article, we aim to help you decide which case design will be the best for you iPhone 13. 

The best cases for the iPhone 13 

Glacial Dream (best for blue iPhone 13)

DIPSODA Glacial Dream Phone CaseGlacial Dream is the perfect design to encase your blue iPhone 13. The gorgeous blue and gold hues create an icy design. Replicating the cracks and creaks of an ice glacier, Glacial Dream emanates a cool feeling and will pull you into this swirling liquid marble design. 

Not only does this design look beautiful, but our snap and impact version of it will leave your device feeling protected. With the colours in the case design matching that of your blue iPhone 13, it’s the perfect choice. 

If you fancy a slim and sleek fitting case, choose our snap case. It does not add extra bulk to the device and feels nice to hold. Our impact case provides much more protection and with its two layers, will give your phone great drop protection. 

Why choose Glacial Dream? 

  • If you love the colour blue, this case is for you
  • Matches the blue iPhone 13 perfectly
  • Available in snap or impact case 

Who is Glacial Dream best for? 

  • Those who like blue and gold
  • Owner of a blue iPhone 13
  • Love cool marble designs 

Precious Opal (best for pink iPhone 13) 

DIPSODA Precious Opal Phone Case

Precious Opal is a pretty and delicate phone case design that is perfect for a pink iPhone 13. The colours in this design will compliment your pink device beautifully. The stunning pastel colours of a precious opal stone are replicated in this design with a blend of pinks, purples and neutral hues that effortlessly create a dainty print.

You can easily imagine what Precious Opal would look like on a pink iPhone 13. All the colours would delightfully complement each other so well with this marble case design. 

We think this case looks best in our snap version because of the delicate nature of the design. However, if you are after better drop protection, then our impact case will also work well. 

Why choose Precious Opal?

  • Simple and delicate marble design
  • Perfect combination for a pink iPhone 13
  • Looks great in our snap case version 

Who is Precious Opal best for? 

  • Those who have a pink iPhone 13
  • Perfect is you love pink and pastel colours
  • Very feminine design 

Fire Glow (best for red iPhone 13) 

DIPSODA Fire Glow Phone Case

Fire Glow is a gorgeous blend of reds, oranges and pink that creates a vibrant and colourful phone case design. A fiery glowy design that will make your red iPhone 13 pop with bright colour. Easily protect your device from drops and scratches with this case. 

It’s the perfect phone case if you love bright colours and like to incorporate your phone style into your own daily look. Fire Glow is a unique and pretty design that will protect your phone. 

The type of case you choose will depend on your protection needs. Choose our snap case if you want a slim-fitting and non-bulky case, and our impact case if you’re after a case that offers much more drop protection. Nobody wants a cracked device if it accidentally gets dropped. 

Why choose Fire Glow? 

  • Vivid and bright colours
  • Owner of a red iPhone 13
  • Like to create the ‘wow’ factor 

Who is Fire Glow best for? 

  • Those who like to make a statement
  • If you love bright colours
  • Like to compliment case design and device colours 

Black Marble (best for midnight iPhone 13) 

DIPSODA Black Marble Phone Case

Black Marble is the perfect phone case if you own a midnight iPhone 13 device. There is nothing better than having a phone case design that emphasises and matches your actual device colour. Black Marble is a subtle case design that adds a chic look to your phone. 

With hot hints of red and orange cracks running through the main design, it makes the marble effect more realistic and is a fantastic contrast against the black background. Plus, who doesn’t love black on black? 

We suggest getting this case design in our impact case version. The black rubber insert and hard plastic outer shell make up the impact case and together these layers offer fantastic drop protection. The rubber insert also adds to the design and feel of your device. 

Why choose Black Marble? 

  • If you love the colour black
  • Looks great in our impact case version
  • Stunning and unique design 

Who is Black Marble best for? 

  • If you own a midnight iPhone 13
  • Love to match the colour of your device and phone case
  • Enjoy subtle designs 

Lusty Lemons (best for starlight iPhone 13) 

DIPSODA Lusty Lemons Phone Case

Lusty Lemons is a fun and quirky design that will look fabulous on your white (starlight) iPhone 13. This lemon-yellow design is a thirst quencher and perfect for those gorgeous summer evenings and vacations. It’s a sophisticated design that will add a little chic styling to your white iPhone 13. 

We suggest having Lusty Lemons in our snap case version so that it’s slim and sleek on your device. However, if you are someone that drops their phone regularly, the impact case version will work too. The black rubber insert could add another dimension to the design and to your device. 

Lusty Lemons will enhance your device and is the perfect style case for summer. Imagine those lovely summer nights, with fancy cocktails and beautiful sunsets. This case was made for these scenarios. 

Why choose Lusty Lemons? 

  • Fancy a quirky phone case design
  • Love the colour yellow
  • Likes bright designs 

Who is Lusty Lemons best for? 

  • If you own a white iPhone 13
  • Love fruity and unique phone case designs
  • Want to match your case design to your destination 

Let’s conclude 

These iPhone 13 phone cases each have their own reasons and style as to why they should be chosen. You might not even want to choose between! There are so many different designs to look at; we’ve just selected a handful that we think will compliment certain colour iPhone 13s better than others. 

Make your phone case a daily choice. Match it your outfit or match is solely to your device. View our entire range of DIPSODA phone cases and make your choice, whether it’s in our snap case style or impact case style.

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