The 70s has made a comeback and what better way to get involved than giving your device a new 70s style phone case. Our nostalgic collection of 70s phone cases will step you back in time. The bright and bold colours are the perfect combination for a summer phone case. We say let the good times roll with our 70s phone case collection. 

We have some super cool designs in our 70s collection and want to give you the low down on our top five favourite case designs. 

Best 70s style phone cases

Orange Waves

Orange Waves is a bright orange and pastel orange 70s style phone case design. The wavy design intertwines the two colours to create this psychedelic print that enhances your device with a cool print. A great 70s phone case design for summer, Orange Waves is groovy and cute and will leave others asking where your case is from. The bright orange hue will make it stand out from the crowd and get heads turning. 

Orange Waves is available in our snap case or impact case versions. Our snap case is a strong, hard glossy plastic shell that simply ‘snaps’ onto your device. It does not add any bulk to your phone and is good for those who like to keep the original feeling of their device. We suggest opting for our impact case if you need a higher level of protection. This is made up of two layers; a black rubber silicone insert and a strong, hard glossy plastic shell. Together, the layers create a hard shock absorbing phone case. 

Stay Wild

Stay Wild is a fun and crazy 70s style phone case design. The psychedelic mushroom and floral phone case design gives off 70s vibes with fairy-tale woodland vibes. It’s such a cool and cute phone case to protect your device during summer and festival season. Stay Wild is for those who want to stay young and free. The typical pastel 70s hues give this case a vintage look and feel. 

Stay Wild can be bought in our snap case or impact case. The type of case you choose depends on the level of protection that you need. If you are after a phone case that purely enhances the aesthetics of your original device without taking away from the shape and feel, then the snap case would be best for you. If you know you regularly drop your phone, then choose our impact case. This is two layers and protects your phone from drops, scratches and falls. The black rubber silicone insert and hard glossy plastic shell together provide the ultimate drop protection.

Boho Hippie

Boho Hippie is a 70s boho flower style phone case design that combines pastel hues of orange, yellow and pink to create a cute and pretty case. The slightly faded pastel tones are typical of the 70s era and give a sense of a psychedelic and funky pattern. Boho Hippie is a pretty 70s floral phone case design that will bring fun and groovy energy to your device. 

Let the good times roll with Boho Hippie and choose from either our snap and impact cases. If you are looking to enhance the aesthetic of your device without adding extra bulk, then opt for our snap case. If you want full round protection against drops and scratches, our impact case is a better fit. The two layers absorb any impact from dropping your phone. 

Get Down

Get Down is a super funky 70s phone case design that throws it back to 70s discos and parties. The gorgeous blend of peach tones and green complement each other well and the curved lines replicate the groovy and psychedelic dance moves. The coloured swirls intertwine with each other to create a nostalgic 70s look and feel. 

Our Get Down 70s phone case design is available for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. You can choose between our snap and impact case styles. Our impact case offers premium protection from drops and falls and shields your device from all sides. The snap case is designed to stop your device from getting scratched, as well as enhancing the phone’s original colour and style. It is slim and sleek and simply ‘snaps on’ to your phone.

Pink Heart

Our Pink Heart 70s phone case design is cute and pretty. Spread the love with Pink Heart by encasing your device and adding beautiful tones of pinks and red. Pink Heart is a typical 70s love design that brings happiness and joy to your day. You will get compliments and everyone will be asking where your new case is from. The three pink and red colours complement each other well and create this cool 70s heart phone case. 

With our snap and impact style cases, you can be sure your device will get the protection it deserves. If you just want to brighten up your device with a cool 70s print, then our snap case will work for you. Perhaps you fancy a little more protection? You can opt for our impact case and get a dual layered case that will guard your device from mega drops and falls, along with scratches and dirt. 

Ditsy Daisy

Ditsy Daisy is a timeless 70s floral phone case design that is super cute. The pretty baby blue background is enhanced with cute white and yellow daisies. We feel this is a fantastic phone case for those gorgeous summer days. Ditsy Daisy will leave a smile on your face and enhance any device. 

Our Ditsy Daisy 70s phone case is available in our snap case and impact case. Choose our snap case is you’re looking to make your device look aesthetically pleasing. Our impact case offers a higher level of protection and will prevent damage to your device when dropped. The black rubber insert layer will absorb any shock from drops to your device remains intact and not damaged. 

Happy Days

Ignite your summer 70s style with our Happy Days 70s phone case design. A burst of beautiful colour, it will look fabulous encasing your device. The bold and complementing colours of yellow, green and pink bring the whole design together. Happy Days gives total nostalgia of the 70s and will immediately transport you back to this incredible and groovy era. 

Our gorgeous snap phone cases are a single glossy plastic shell that ‘snaps’ onto your device, giving the sides and back protection. The impact phone case style is made up of two layers; a black rubber silicone insert and a hard glossy plastic shell. Both types of cases are designed to fit your phone perfectly and provide protection. Cutaway detailing will give your access to all buttons and ports on your device. 

Must-have 70s style phone case designs

Brighten up your device with a funky and cool 70s style phone case. Available for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, we have a super cool collection that you won't want to miss out on.

feel the funk

phone case


get down

phone case


cute daisies

phone case


Stay groovy

phone case


free spirit

phone case


orange waves

phone case


pink heart

phone case


happy days

phone case


Let's conclude

Our best 70s style phone cases above give you an insight to how you can upgrade your device. 70s phone cases are bold and bright colours that give you a sense of energy. If none of the above tickle your fancy, you can take a look at our full 70s phone case collection to find another case better suited to you. 

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