6 Best Designs for the Samsung Galaxy S20

6 Best Designs for the Samsung Galaxy S20

If you’re finding it hard to select your favourite Dipsoda design, we’ve helped you out by discussing our top 6 designs for the Samsung Galaxy S20. Our phone cases are not only good for yourself, but they are also great for gifting. 

1. Golden Smoke

Golden Smoke phone case

Golden Smoke is our best-selling design. It fuses a rose gold marble effect with a smoky grey element, creating a wonderful smoke effect design. The gold parts of the design really make this design one of a kind and it stands out when placed on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

2. Ski Season

Ski Season phone case

If you’re an avid skier and enjoy the slopes, our Ski Season design was made for you and your Samsung S20. It’s perfect for winter and those days in the snowy mountains. Unisex in its looks, this will look great for anyone and can be styled to any outfit. The colours are perfect those wintry months and are subtle.

3. Ocean Gaze

Ocean Gaze

Dive deep into the ocean with this gorgeous and stunning Ocean Gaze design. The gold swirls amongst the blue create an elegant pattern which is set to look great on your Samsung S20. A popular design of Dipsoda, it is modelled on the beautiful blue ocean.

4. Glacial Dream

Glacial Dream

The Glacial Dream design sends chills down your spine with an icy vibe. It depicts the creaks and cracks of ice glaciers and the colours produce the perfect image. The gold specks are great detailing and add extra style to the design to ensure your Samsung S20 is left looking fabulous.

5. Magic Bronze

Magic Bronze phone case

Magic Bronze is another fantastic golden and bronze design that looks great when applied to your Samsung S20. The bronze parts against the grey background make it look like an ancient map or ripples of bronze running its course. It’s is a liquid marble effect.

6. Pearl Seraphina

Pearl Seraphina phone case

The Pearl Seraphina design is elegant and sophisticated, and draws on the beautiful shape of a woman’s body. The pearlescent and delicate background makes this design gorgeous and the line art shape adds an artistic touch. 

These are just our 6 favourite designs for the Samsung Galaxy S20. 

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