Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases

If you’ve recently bought yourself a new Samsung device, you’ll probably wondering what the best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases are. At DIPSODA, we’ve got a range of stunning and protective Samsung Galaxy S22 phone cases that will ensure your device doesn’t get ruined. We offer snap phone cases that are slim and sleek, as well as impact tough cases that offer a higher layer of protection with two layers. 

With our phone cases, you can be sure that your Samsung Galaxy S22 is fully protected whilst looking super stylish. That’s what we do; keep your phone fully protected from drops and scratches, as well as making sure it looks fabulous and stylish. Read on in this article if you want to find out what the best Samsung Galaxy S22 cases are. 

The Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases 

Golden Smoke (most popular)

DIPSODA Golden Smoke Phone Case

Golden Smoke is our most popular design for the Samsung Galaxy S22. This unique and marble styled design it the perfect phone case. It infuses wonderful hues of grey, black, bronze brown and rose gold to create a marvellous marble effect design. The whole image depicts a smokey design with a golden glow. 

Golden Smoke is the perfect Samsung S22 case, as it offers great protection against drops and scratches whilst ensuring your device remains stylish. Grey is still such a popular colour, and this design can easily be used as an everyday case or for evening events. 

This design is available is our snap case or impact case. The snap cases are a single hard glossy plastic ‘snap on’ shell that covers the back and sides of your S22. This case type is slim and sleek, and doesn’t add any extra bulk to your device, making it feel nice to hold. Our impact case provides a higher level of protection. It has two layers; a black rubber silicone insert and a hard glossy plastic shell. Together, these two layers give your device great protection against drop, falls, bumps and scratches. 

Why choose Golden Smoke? 

  • Beautiful grey and golden design
  • Works in both the snap case or impact case
  • Can be used as an everyday case design 

Who is Golden Smoke for? 

  • Anyone who loves grey and marble designs
  • A lover of neutral colours
  • Someone after a fancier design 

Sun, Moon & Stars (most stylish)

DIPSODA Sun, Moon & Stars Phone Case 

Sun, Moon & Stars is a beautiful and unique phone case design. It features a stunning pattern of astrological elements such as the sun, moon and starts to create a gorgeous case design. The dark yellow and neutral astrological pattern is printed onto a dark green marble effect background that plays the part of the night’s sky. It’s a super cool vibe that those who appreciate the celestial details will love. 

Sun, Moon & Stars is one of our most stylish phone case designs, due to its uniqueness. It’s available in our snap case or impact case. Which type of case of case you choose will depend on the level of protection that require. The colour blend of this design is what also makes it super stylish. The yellow and green hues complement each other and bring the whole image together. 

If you want to enhance your Samsung Galaxy S22 ever so slightly, then our snap case will be best for you. It’s a single hard glossy plastic shell that simply ‘snaps on’ to your device and doesn’t really add extra bulk. Our impact case is designed for those that need extra protection. Made up of two layers; a black rubber insert and hard glossy plastic shell, this case types will absorb shock from the drops and falls. It ensures your device does not get damaged in any way. 

Why choose Sun, Moon & Stars? 

  • A unique and beautiful celestial design
  • Complementary colours
  • Looks great in both our snap and impact case 

Who is Sun, Moon & Stars for? 

  • Lovers of astrology
  • Those that prefer a darker case design
  • Someone that likes a more unique design 

Sunset Kiss (most simplistic)

DIPSODA Sunset Kiss Phone Case 

Sunset Kiss is a gorgeous and feminine case design that blends together hues of pink and yellow to create a stunning marble swirl effect. Create fantastic memories and capture nature’s glorious sunsets with this case protecting your Samsung S22. It’s the perfect pink marble phone case to give your device the protection it needs. 

This swirly pink marble phone case design will lighten your device and enhance its aesthetic. If you’re looking for a fancy case design, this is the one for you. It’s perfect for those summer evenings and will enrich your attire. Easily style it with any outfit and make it fit. 

Our snap case design allows you to slip your device into a slim, hard glossy plastic shell that will protect it from scratches and damaging the back and sides. Our impact phone case has extra protection with its two layers. The black rubber silicone insert will protect your phone and absorb any impact from drops. The glossy pink marble case design snaps over the top of the black insert to create dual layer protection. 

Why choose Sunset Kiss? 

  • You love pink
  • Works with both our snap and impact cases
  • You enjoy bright and vivid colours 

Who is Sunset Kiss for? 

  • Anyone who loves pink
  • You like unique and bright designs
  • Not afraid to get noticed with this gorgeous case design 

Pink Heart (most fun)

DIPSODA Pink Heart Phone Case 

Pink Heart is our most fun and cutest phone case design. It’s all about sharing the love with this case. It combines three gorgeous pink and red hues so create a pretty and elegant image that will turn heads and get you noticed. Our glossy cases really do this design the justice it deserves, so ensure you encase your Samsung S22 with our Pink Heart case. 

A simple and popular heart design, Pink Heart is a classic and can be paired with any outfit to create the ultimate style. The way the different pink and red hues blend together creates a gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing pink phone case design. 

Pink Heart is available in our snap case or impact case, depending on the level of protection you are wanting. If you want a fully protected device, then we suggest opting for our impact case type. This offers dual layered protection; a black rubber silicone insert and a hard glossy plastic shell. The two layers combined really ensure your device survives any drops. Our snap case is perfect for those that just want to ‘snap on’ colour and go. It protects your device from scratches and dents. 

Why choose Pink Heart? 

  • You absolutely love pink and hearts
  • You enjoy standing out
  • A classic design 

Who is Pink Heart for? 

  • Pink and heart lovers
  • Someone who loves sharing the love
  • Anyone who loves the 70s 

Pearl Seraphina (most underrated)

DIPSODA Pearl Seraphina Phone Case 

Pearl Seraphina is our most underrated phone case design. It is an elegant and sophisticated design that draws on the beautiful shape of a woman’s body. The female figurine line art is placed on a light pearlescent effect, delicate background. It’s a beautiful design to encase your Samsung Galaxy S22. 

If you are after a delicate and feminine phone case, Pearl Seraphina is the one for you. The gorgeous cream coloured marble and opal style background is lovely on its own. The black line art of the female body sits perfectly over the top and brigs the whole design together. 

Pearl Seraphina is available in both our snap and impact case variations. We suggest opting for our impact case if you are looking for an extra level of protection. The two layers in the impact case will ensure your Samsung S22 is protected from drops and falls. Our snap case version is perfect is you’re looking to purely enhance your device with a cool style. The snap case will stop your S22 from becoming scratched and dented. 

Why choose Pearl Seraphina? 

  • Want to showcase the female body
  • Stand up for woman power
  • A classic and elegant phone case design 

Who is Pearl Seraphina for? 

  • Anyone who wants a unique phone case design
  • Love a simple and classic style
  • Want to portray the beauty of the woman’s body 

Let’s conclude 

All of the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone cases above have their own unique style and reasons why you should pick it. We’ve gone into depth regarding why each case design is special, however, if none of the cases above are a fit for you, you can view our full DIPSODA phone case collection to find another design that might suit you better. 

The case type that you choose will depend on the level of protection you need. Our snap cases are best for those looking for an aesthetic enhancement rather than full impact protection. Our impact cases are best for absorbing impact when your device gets accidentally dropped. 

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