Not only will a blue phone case look great on your device, it is a peaceful, tranquil and secure colour. Blue is sometimes seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Want to feel these? Encase your device in a blue phone case. We’ve tried to make your decision easier by displaying our 5 best blue phone cases.

Give your device a bold and secure look with these blue phone cases.

Hawaiian Days

Hawaiian Days is a beautiful and simplistic blue phone case design. The different hues of blue intertwine together to create this stunning coastal design. It’s a pattern of flowers and petals that create a calming blue phone case design. When encasing your device, it will leave you feeling calm and collected.

Hawaiian Days is available is our snap and impact cases. If you want to keep the shape and feel of your device, then the simple snap on case will be the better choice for you. Our impact case is made up of two layers; a black silicone insert and a plastic hard outer shell. These layers will protect your device from heavy drops and falls.

Beautiful Soul

Beautiful Soul is what is says. It’s a gorgeous blue phone case design that incorporates black smudge dots on a blue background. It will leave you feeling calm and happy and is a simplistic design that looks beautiful. This phone case design will work on your device all year round, which means it's a great purchase.

Beautiful Soul can be bought in either our impact case or snap case. As this design has black dots as part of its design, it looks excellent in our impact case version. The black rubber insert looks good against the black dots in the design, whilst offering great protection. If you’re after something lighter, then our snap case will work for you.

Confetti Falls

Confetti Falls is one of our most popular blue phone case designs and looks fabulous on your device. It’s an inspiring and colourful phone case design that infuses beautiful hues of turquoise and blue in a liquid marble effect. The small specks of gold colour really help to bring out the design. If you love to make a bold statement, this case is the one for you.

Get Confetti Falls in our snap case or impact case. It works well in both case versions, so when deciding which case is best for you, you need to understand the level of protection you’ll need. Our snap case is a single hard plastic shell that simply snaps onto your device. Our impact case is two layers; a black silicone insert and hard plastic outer shell.

Midnight Brunch

Midnight Brunch is a gorgeous and elegant blue phone case design. It infuses stunning hues of blue, white and silver to create a beautiful liquid marble swirl phone case design. A design that is perfect for evenings out, you’ll want Midnight Brunch to encase your device. It’s a unique and striking print that will get you noticed.

Midnight Brunch is best in our impact case version, due to the double layers of protection. The black rubber insert and hard plastic outer shell create a duo of protection for your device. If you fancy a slimmer case, then our snap case will work. It’s a single plastic hard shell that snaps onto your phone.

Ditsy Daisy

Ditsy Daisy is one of our long-standing blue phone case designs that is super popular. It’s a fun and colourful 70s daisy flower print that combines pastel blue, yellow and white to lighten up your device and mood. You can make your daily look super cute with our Ditsy Daisy case. It’s the perfect case for a summer’s day or vacation.

Ditsy Daisy is available in our snap or impact case. Depending on the level of protection, you can choose between these two case types. Our snap cases are a single glossy plastic shell and our impact cases are made up of two layers; a black rubber insert and hard glossy plastic shell.

Let's conclude our 5 best blue phone cases

The 5 best blue phone cases above are available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. Each design has its own reason as to why it should be chosen. All these blue phone cases will give your device a new calm look and make your device feel secure.

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