Top Trending Phone Cases for 2022

Top Trending Phone Cases for 2022

2022 may have only just begun, but we want to let you know what the top trending phone cases for 2022 are going to be. All the phone cases below are available of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices where you can select our snap or impact case versions. 

Perhaps you’re struggling to find a new phone case for 2022. Look no further than our list of trending phone cases below. With our gorgeous phone cases, you’ll be able to achieve excellent protection for your device. 

Trending phone cases for 2022 

Golden Giuliana (most neutral) 

DIPSODA Golden Giuliana Phone Case

Golden Giuliana is one our most neutral phone case designs. It is an Italianesk design that intertwines a woman’s face in a line art medium on a beautiful neutral and golden-like pearl and marble effect background. 

Neutral colours are super popular and this will only continue in 2022. Golden Giuliana can be purchased in our snap case or impact case. The snap case is slim fitting and is a single hard plastic shell whereas our impact case combines two layers. These consist of a black rubber silicone insert and a hard plastic outer shell. 

The type of case you choose will depend on your protection requirements. Our impact case offers more drop protection and has raised bezels around the camera and screen to prevent scratches. 

Mermaid Rock (best marble effect) 

DIPSODA Mermaid Rock Phone Case

Mermaid Rock is a gorgeous pastel marble-effect phone case design. Pretty pastel hues blend together to create this elegant and classic design, replicating the colours of a mystic mermaid. A combination of purples, pinks and blues infuse together to create a design that will look stunning on any device. 

We believe Mermaid Rock is best selected in our snap case due to its delicate and dainty design. However, this choice will depend on your drop protection desires. The snap cases are designed to fit your phone perfectly and give you easy access to all the device ports. 

This design is great for Spring and Summer, especially vacations abroad in the summer sunshine. 

Banana Smoothie (most vivid) 

DIPSODA Banana Smoothie Phone Case

Banana Smoothie is an all-round classic and vivid yellow phone case design. A liquid marble pattern that is a bright, banana yellow hue, Banana Smoothie is a cool and vibrant phone case design that will leave your device looking bright and fresh. 

Slowly becoming a popular design, it has already picked up this year and we’re set for a trending phone case of 2022. The gorgeous and stunning yellow colour instantly brightens up your device and makes you feel summery and happy. Encapsulate those vacation vibes with a popular smoothie related phone case design. 

We think Banana Smoothie looks best in our impact case, as the black rubber insert layer looks cool against the yellow hard plastic shell. Plus, this gives you fantastic drop protection ready for those vacation nights out. 

Happy Days (most fun) 

DIPSODA Happy Days Phone Case

Happy Days is exactly what is says. Ignite your look with this cool 70s style phone case design. 70s style phone cases are making a super comeback and this is only going to increase in 2022. It uses bold and complimenting colours to create a cool and vibrant design. 

This is one of our favourite phone case designs because it’s cute and quirky. It can look great on any device and will easily put a smile on your face. You can also expect the compliments to roll in too. 

Happy Days looks good in either our snap or impact cases so this will depend on the level of protection that you need for your device. 

Vitamin Sea (prettiest) 

DIPSODA Vitamin Sea Phone Case

Vitamin Sea is a pretty pastel green smokey, watery liquid marble phone case design. The gorgeous green and blue hues infuse together to create a sea-like design. The dash of orange colour really makes it pop and helps to depict the waves of the ocean in a green mist. 

Part of our trending phone cases collection, Vitamin Sea looks stunning on any device and will protect it from drops, falls, scratches and dust. With phones becoming more expensive, it’s even more important to protect them. 

Both our snap and impact cases are light and bare high-quality gloss designs. You no longer have to opt for a plain and simple case design. 

Let’s conclude 

Each of these trending phone cases for 2022 have their own reasons as to why you need them. Even if you’re not a huge fan of these selected few, there are many more to decide from. If you can’t even choose just one, the get several that can easily be matched to your daily style. 

Whatever you choose, we know these are trending phone case designs of 2022 and your device would look great with one of them. Take a look at our full collection of trending phone cases for 2022

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