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Give the gift of style. Purchase a DIPSODA digital gift card and get it sent to yourself or direct to your recipient. 

Include a custom message with your Gift Card to add a personal touch. Gift Cards don't expire and you can redeem the balance in multiple transactions.

Perfect for when you don't know which phone model the recipient has or which of the eye catching designs they may want. Make it easy and give them the choice.

SNAP CASE: Our snap cases are super slim and lightweight, and are made for those that like the original shape of their phone. 

  • Single hard plastic snap on shell
  • Covers back and sides of your phone
  • Lightweight & super thin
  • Perfect for those who like the original shape of their phone

IMPACT CASE: Our impact cases are perfect for those that need full round, extra drop protection. This is our recommended phone case if you want great protection and style.

  • Dual-layer: black silicone insert + hard plastic outer shell
  • Covers all sides of your phone, including the top + bottom
  • Raised bezels for screen & camera protection
  • Slim design & comfortable to hold
  • Perfect for those who need extra protection whilst maintaining great style

    Please note that although our phone cases have been designed to give all-round device protection, unfortunately, no case is indestructible. We, DIPSODA, do not warrant that any case will protect your phone against all circumstances.

    Find out which phone model you have by navigating to:

    Apple iPhone

    Settings > General > About > Model Name

    Samsung Galaxy

    Settings > About Phone > Model Name

    How to use our Buy 1 Case Get 1 50% Off discount?

    Just add 2 or more of your desired phone cases to your shopping bag and use the code GET50 at checkout.

    For every 2 cases you add to your shopping bag, the second case will have 50% off its price!

    This discount is only applicable to our snap, impact and rubber phone cases.

    If the Buy 1 Case Get 1 50% discount has been applied to your shopping bag, you will not be able to use additional discount codes.

    We place utmost importance on both the well-being of your products and the preservation of our cherished environment 🌿

    This is why DIPSODA stands as a conscientious company that is dedicated to both cruelty-free practices and the betterment of our planet from its very inception. Our profound affection for animals and the natural world drives us to adopt ethical and thoughtful approaches when selecting the finest, top-tier materials for crafting our offerings.

    Notably, each and every one of our products is meticulously fashioned using materials that are entirely 100% recyclable, embodying our commitment to sustainability and environmental harmony ♻️.

    We think you'll love these 🖤

    Case Style
    Snap or Impact?

    Take a look at the difference between our two case types; our snap case or impact case. Both stunningly beautiful in their own way. Which level of protection do you need?


    If you are going to protect the #1 device in your life, you may as well protect it in style. DIPSODA offer a stunning range of unique, gorgeous and eye catching cases in both Snap and Impact case protection.

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