The Best Phone Cases for the iPhone 13 Pro

The Best Phone Cases for the iPhone 13 Pro

Protection is one of the main reasons you should buy a case for your iPhone 13 Pro. However, these cases can offer more than just this. If you’re someone that prefers a heavy-duty, impact case that gives your device the highest level of protection or someone who prefers a slim and stylish case, we’ve got you covered.

With these stylish phone cases, you’ll get super protection for your iPhone 13 Pro. By reading this article, we hope to be able to point you in the direction of the best case for your iPhone 13 Pro. 

The best phone cases for the iPhone 13 Pro 

Golden Smoke (most popular)

DIPSODA Golden Smoke Phone Case

Golden Smoke is our best-selling and most popular phone case design. It’s brown and bronze hues infuse together with highlights of rose gold-like marble effect to create a smokey image. It’s a staple design and looks good on any iPhone 13 Pro colour device. 

As well as looking stunning, Golden Smoke offers protection for your device in our snap and impact case versions. With bronze and rose gold being such popular and stylish colours, it’s the perfect case to match to your outfits. 

Our snap case is slim and sleek and does not add bulk onto your device. The snap case is a good choice if you’re looking for major protection, but don’t want the added bulk. 

If you drop your iPhone 13 Pro regularly, you might benefit from our impact tough case. This has two layers; a black rubber silicone insert and a hard plastic outer shell. This type of case has raised bezels around the camera and protects all sides of your phone. 

Why choose Golden Smoke? 

  • Brown and bronze smokey effect marble design
  • Access to all ports on your device
  • Impact case has a raised bezel for camera and screen protection 

Who is Golden Smoke best for? 

  • Those who love grey and rose gold
  • Feminine and masculine
  • If you love neutral colours 

Lavender Quartz (most simplistic) 

DIPSODA Lavender Quartz Phone Case

Lavender Quartz is one of our most simplistic designs. A gorgeous lavender, light pastel purple design that is elegant and pretty. It’s the perfect case for your iPhone 13 Pro for summer days in the sunshine. Some may be put off by the lightness of the design, but for some it’s a winner. 

By looking at this design, you can almost taste summer and smell the gorgeous scent of English lavender. It’s a beautiful marble-effect design is extremely popular. 

We feel this case is best in our snap version as it’s a delicate design. But this will depend on what kind of protection you need. 

Why choose Lavender Quartz? 

  • Pretty and light design
  • Simple design
  • Better in snap case for a slim fit 

Who is Lavender Quartz best for? 

  • Those who enjoy being outdoors in the summer sunshine
  • People that love pastel and light colours
  • Those that like marble-effect designs 

Santorini Sky (most fun)

DIPSODA Santorini Sky Phone Case

Santorini Sky is a wonderful, playful design that is full of stunning colours. It’s an abundance of pretty pastel hues that replicate the dusk skies over Santorini. Pastel hues of pinks, oranges, purples and blues blend together to create this unique case design. It’s the perfect fit for your iPhone 13 Pro. 

It’s super cute and fun and is ideal for anyone who loves going on vacation and spending time in the sun. Encase your device with this design and automatically be transported to hotter destinations. 

It looks great in either our snap or impact case versions, so choose depending on your needs. Our impact cases offer better drop protection whereas our snap cases are slim fitting and made for looks and style. 

Why choose Santorini Sky? 

  • Vivid and stunning summery colours
  • Gets a lot of attention
  • Looks great on any iPhone 13 Pro device 

Who is Santorini Sky best for? 

  • Perfect for those who like to vacation
  • Love vivid colours
  • Want a unique design 

Confetti Falls (most stylish) 

DIPSODA Confetti Falls Phone Case

Confetti Falls is our most stylish phone case design. A stunning design that infuses beautiful hues of turquoise and blue with specks of gold colour. It creates a gorgeous liquid marble effect that is a great addition to your device. The bold colours make this design pop, creating an impressive phone case. 

The main feature of this case is the bright and vivid blue colours. This fashionable case is available in our snap and impact case versions and looks great in both styles. 

Which type of case you choose depends on your protection needs. If you need good drop protection, then choose the impact version of this design. Our snap case is slim-fitting and is more to make your phone look elegant whilst keeping the original aesthetics of your device. 

Confetti Falls deserves to be our most stylish case, as so many people ask where it’s from. It’s a great contender. 

Why choose Confetti Falls? 

  • A super trendy design
  • Beautiful, bold colours
  • Looks great in snap and impact cases 

Who is Confetti Falls best for? 

  • Those that want a stylish phone case
  • If you love the colour blue
  • Enjoy bold designs 

Sunset Kiss (most underrated) 

DIPSODA Sunset Kiss Phone Case

Sunset Kiss is our most underrated case design. It’s a gorgeous design that infuses pinks and yellows to create a pretty marble swirl effect case. One that goes under the radar, it is sure to make your iPhone 13 Pro pop with colour. 

Available in our snap and impact case versions, the type you choose will depend on your needs. Sunset Kiss is slowly becoming a favourite and those that have it, love its unique design. 

Encase your iPhone 13 Pro in this design if you’re someone who loves the colour pink. You’ll get so many compliments from others wanting to know where you’ve got it from. 

Why choose Sunset Kiss? 

  • A gorgeous pink and pretty design
  • Unique pattern
  • Underrated and becoming popular 

Who is Sunset Kiss best for? 

  • Lovers of the colour pink
  • Those that love sunsets
  • Someone that wants a head turning case design 

Let’s conclude 

Each of these iPhone 13 Pro phone cases has its own special and distinct style. Remember, you don’t always have to have just one. Purchases several and swap them around depending on your mood and style each day. Make your phone cases part of your daily outfit. 

The best thing is that you don’t have to choose from this short list. You have the whole DIPSODA phone case collection to choose from. You can also choose between our snap and impact case versions. This is important, as this dictates what level of drop protection you’ll need and have.

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