6 Reasons Why You Need a Phone Case

6 Reasons Why You Need a Phone Case

It’s a debate that’s constantly being had. Do you really need a phone case? As a case company, our answer is going to be pretty simple; YES. And we’re not the only ones that think so. Smartphone users feel a need to protect their devices because they are now becoming extremely expensive to buy. If your phone gets broken or cracked, they are costly to replace or fix. The majority of people would rather protect their phone from the beginning, than have to pay out for fixes later down the line. 

It’s a little crazy to think there are people walking around without a case on their device. I bet you don’t know how many falls, drops, cracks and shattered screens happen every day? It only needs to take that one time, and it could cost you hundreds to fix it. One simple slip from your hands as you’re walking home from a night out. You pick your phone up to find the entire back of the phone smashed into hundreds of tiny pieces. That’s all it can take.

We’re not saying to treat your phone as the most important thing in your life, but with the majority of people using theirs to map out their days, it’s a good start if you don’t have to worry about it breaking. 

If you are still not convinced, let’s take a look at 6 reasons why it’s better to have a phone case than not to have one. 

Super impact protection 

There are so many types of phone cases out there; TPU, PC, leather, gel, silicone, wood etc. The list is endless. Many phone cases offer a reliable level of drop defence for your phone. It’s entirely up to you which type of case will fit your lifestyle. If you’re someone that constantly drops their device, then we recommend an impact kind of case; one that is dual layered and offers protection on all sides of your phone. If you don’t always drop your phone but want it protected in case then you could opt for a less impactful case, one that focuses more on design and is slim-fitting. 

DIPSODA has snap cases and impact cases. We wanted to create impact cases without taking away the design and fashionable traits. So, our cases include beautiful printed designs that enhance your device and can be styled to your own look. 

DIPSODA Three Marble Phone Cases

The resale value 

If you like to sell your old device to offset the cost of a new phone, this not only helps you but also someone else. If your device is still in excellent condition when you come to sell it, the resale value remains high and you’ll be able to fetch more for it. Explaining to the buyer that the phone has a case on it from the day you originally bought it means it has been well looked after and will make the buyer even more keen to purchase it from you. 

Phone aesthetics 

Numerous people say they’d rather not use a case because they don’t want to take away from the true aesthetic of the original device. But what they don’t realise it that there are so many cases out there that can offer protection with minimal disruption. Slim, gel clear cases have been designed to typically do this. They don’t add extra bulk onto the device and the true phone aesthetics can still show through. The smooth edges and corners that the slim cases provide can even make your device feel nicer to hold. 

Phone insurance

It’s one that many people don’t do; take out phone insurance to protect your device if it breaks or gets lost. Even if you have taken out insurance, it sometimes will only cover the device up to certain amount. You might also find you could be without your phone whilst it’s fixed or swapped. Phone cases help minimise the damage if your device is not insured and could save you time and money in the future.

Price and affordability

There are some super expensive phone cases on the market that claim they protect your phone from anything and everything. However, the majority of good phone cases can be bought for less than £30. This can include any of the following: dual-layered TPU rubber insert and PC hard outer shell case, a full-body drop protection case or a simple, slim and clear case. It’s amazing to think that your device could have been over £1000 to buy yet you can protect it well with a £30 phone case. So why not spend a little now to save you a lot in the future? 

Stop scratches 

The last thing you want are scratches on the back of your device that ruin the look of your device. Although the materials used to make your phone are extremely tough and strong, your phone will still spend a lot of times in your pocket where is can easily be scratched by a set of keys. Having a phone case to protect the back of your device will stop scratches happening the main device.

Still not convinced? Well, that’s your call. But we at DIPSODA believe it’s a no brainer. There are definitely more pros than cons when deciding if you should purchase a phone case or not. At the end of the day, some of the most minimal and cheapest cases on the market could potentially saves you money and time in the future.

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