The Best Phone Cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Best Phone Cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

These phone cases can offer super protection for your iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well as gorgeous style. With snap and impact cases available in all the designs, you’ll be able find your perfect case. The impact cases offer a higher level of protection with its dual layer whereas the snap cases are a single plastic shell that provide a light and slim casing for your device. 

With these fabulous phone cases, you can be sure that your iPhone 13 Pro Max is fully protected but also will look amazing. Read this article if you want some ideas of the best phone cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

The best phone cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max 

Black Marble (most popular)

DIPSODA Black Marble Phone Case

Black Marble is one of our most popular marble phone case designs. The gorgeous black marble design is classic and chic. The red and orange marble cracks give the design a pop of colour and create a contrast against the black background. 

This case design will look great on any iPhone 13 Pro Max and will offer protection against drops, scratches and bumps. With black cases being such popular designs, it can easily be paired with any outfit, day or night. 

Available in our snap or impact case versions, it’s up to you which type of case you need. Our snap cases are light and slim and do not add extra bulk to your actual device. The impact cases are comprised of two layers; a black rubber silicone insert and a hard plastic shell. This type of case provides excellent protection if you’re likely to drop your device. 

Why choose Black Marble? 

  • Gorgeous black marble design
  • Looks stunning in either the snap or impact case version
  • Get the impact case for extra drop protection 

Who is Black Marble best for? 

  • Lovers of black marble
  • Anyone; it’s feminine and masculine
  • Like neutral colours 

Pistachio Cake (most simplistic)

DIPSODA Pistachio Cake Phone Case

Pistachio Cake is a minimal pastel pistachio green marble effect phone case. The pale green looks effortlessly beautiful on any iPhone 13 Pro Max device. It’s the perfect phone case for those gorgeous summer days in the sun or super vacations. 

Give your device an update with this pretty marble effect design and make your daily style pop. Pistachio Cake looks super cute and dainty in our snap case version, which means no added bulk to your device. 

You can almost taste the pistachio ice cream summer by looking at this phone case. Immediately get transported to your favourite holiday destination and feel those vacation vibes. 

Why choose Pistachio Cake? 

  • It’s gorgeous pastel green colour
  • Summery and vacation vibes
  • Subtle marble effect 

Who is Pistachio Cake best for? 

  • A lover of the colour green
  • Enjoy pastel colours
  • Fancy a design that is pretty and cute 

Feel The Funk (most fun)

DIPSODA Feel The Funk Phone Case

Feel The Funk is such a fun and colourful phone case design for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Super cool yellows and pinks intertwine to create a fantastic 70s style print. It’s the perfect summer and party phone case if you’re someone who likes bright and vivid colours. 

With this phone case design, expect compliments and questions of where your phone case is from. It’s okay. Be happy and feel great when this phone case is on your device. It reminds us of rhubarb flavoured sweets and has a sweet and cute vibe. 

If you’re a super party-goer and always on the go, we suggest opting for Feel The Funk in our impact case, as this will give your phone more protection in case of drops. If you are more relaxed and chilled, the snap case version will suit you just fine. 

Why choose Feel The Funk? 

  • Love bright and vivid colours
  • Enjoy crazy and different patterns
  • Want a cool case design 

Who is Feel The Funk best for? 

  • A 70s fan
  • Those who love pink
  • Like unique case designs 

Magic Bronze (most stylish)

DIPSODA Magic Bronze Phone Case

Magic Bronze is one of our most stylish phone cases. The beautiful bronze coloured and smokey grey liquid marble design will make your device look amazing. It truly is a magnificent design that is unique and different. 

We think the Magic Bronze design looks great in our impact case version because the black rubber insert part of the case compliments the case design. It provides excellent protection for your device too. 

This particular design includes our lighter coloured logo that stands out well. The contrast works better and is only available on a select few of our DIPSODA phone case designs. 

Why choose Magic Bronze? 

  • Like bronze colours
  • Enjoy unusual and unique prints
  • You are after a high-level protection phone case 

Who is Magic Bronze best for? 

  • Lovers of bronze and grey
  • Love marble effects
  • Enjoy bold case designs 

Rose Gold Marble (most underrated)

DIPSODA Rose Gold Marble Phone Case

Rose Gold Marble is a gorgeous and classic design that infuses beautiful rose gold hues against a white marble background. Although an underrated phone case design, rose gold is still a popular colour that looks absolutely gorgeous on any iPhone 13 Pro Max device. 

Rose Gold Marble is one of the best phone cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max because it’s subtle and simple. You can get it in our snap or impact case versions. 

Although this design does not include an actual rose gold shimmer, it’s still a beautiful looking phone case that emanates class and simplicity. 

Why choose Rose Gold Marble? 

  • It has gorgeous rose gold hues
  • A beautiful marble effect design
  • It’s simplistic and classic 

Who is Rose Gold Marble best for? 

  • If you love the colour rose gold
  • Love marble effect phone case designs
  • Prefer light colours 

Let’s conclude 

These iPhone 13 Pro Max phone cases have their own style and reasons why you should choose it. Although we have gone into depth about the five phone case designs above, you can still take a look at our full DIPSODA phone case collection where you might find another design you prefer. 

Take your pick between the snap and impact case versions for each case design. This will depend on how much protection you need for your device. 

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