best summer phone cases for 2022

Are you on the hunt for a new phone case for summer 2022? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered (literally). The selected phone case designs below will give your device a boosted upgrade this summer. Stunning pastel colours in an array of different prints will get you wanting more than one. 

These summer phone cases will give your device the protection it needs, as well as looking fabulous. All the designs are available in our snap case or impact case versions. Read this article if you want some ideas of the best summer phone cases for 2022. 

Best summer phone cases for 2022

Golden Hour (best 70s style)

Golden Hour is part of our stunning Vacation Collection. It’s a floral phone case design that blends together beautiful orange and pink tones to create a gorgeous flowery print. Whilst being a floral design, the name suggests the colours replicate the stunning golden hour hues that everyone loves. Golden Hour definitely gives of 70s vibes too with the floral style and colours. 
Encase your device with Golden Hour this summer and heads will be turned. Everyone will ask about your phone case and where it’s from. It’ll not only look fantastic on your device, but it will also protect it from any drops, bumps and scratches. No one wants to damage the phone itself. 

If you’re after ultimate protection this summer, then we suggest opting for Golden Hour in our impact case version. It offers more protection than our snap cases due to its two layers; a black rubber silicone insert and a hard plastic shell. These two layers together absorb the shock from any accidental drops. If you want full protection for your device, then grab a tempered glass screen protector too. No one wants a cracked screen. 

Why choose Golden Hour? 

• Provides ultimate protection for your device
• Stunning colours and style
• Perfect design for summer 

Who is Golden Hour best for? 

• Lovers of floral prints
• Like the 70s era
• Love pink and orange hues together 

Faded Sunset (best pastel style)

Faded Sunset is a simple yet pretty pastel phone case design. The way the yellow, orange and pink hues blend into each other, it creates a sunset-like print. As the name says, this particular design is based off a sunset and the colours really do achieve this. It’s a tie-dye medium that has created this summer phone case design into looking like a glorious vacation sunset. 

If you choose to encase your device in Faded Sunset this summer, you will feel happy and relaxed. This design is simple and classic. It’s easy on the eyes and doesn’t attract too much attention. Use this summer phone case to protect your device from dirt, dust and drops. 

Faded Sunset is available in both our snap and impact cases. Our snap case is slim, lightweight and super glossy. It’s a hard plastic glossy shell and simply ‘snaps onto’ your device, leaving the back and sides covered and protected. If you’re after a higher level of protection, then opt for our impact case, as this has two layers; a black rubber insert and hard plastic glossy shell. 

Why choose Faded Sunset? 

• The pastel colours are beautiful
• A great summer case design
• Available in our snap and impact cases
Who is Faded Sunset best for? 

• Lovers of sunsets
• Someone after a pretty and cute case
• Like tie-dye prints and designs 

Sand Dunes (best marble style)

Sand Dunes is a liquid marble effect phone case design that is perfect for summer. It’s a modern twist on typical beach sand dunes. The liquid marble effect is created from the orange, purple and turquoise hues blending together. The three funky colours give the illusion of beach sand dunes from above. 

Encasing your device in Sand Dunes is a great move for summer. The gorgeous and bright colours will enlighten your device and immediately transport you to your next vacation destination. Imagine yourself relaxing a lovely beach with the sun beaming down on you. 

Choose Sand Dunes in either our snap case or impact case. If you’re someone that plans on spending a lot of time on the beach during the summer, then we suggest selecting our impact case. It will give you a higher level of protection, as it protects the back and all sides of your device. To give your device 360-degree protection, get a glass screen protector too. 

Why choose Sand Dunes? 

• Replicates beach sand dunes from above
• Want a bright phone case
• To fully protect your phone
Who is Sand Dunes best for? 

• A lover of the beach
• Enjoys vacations in the sun
• Likes marble effect designs  

Portofino (best vacation style)

Portofino is the perfect phone case for your summer vacation. A chic and classic Italian design, the watercolour style yellow lemons grace a pastel green background. This combination creates a unique and pretty print. Elegant and sophisticated, everyone will ask where your case is from. 

When Portofino is on your device, you will feel it is protected and secure, as well as looking beautiful. It’s the perfect case for the perfect mirror selfie too. Don’t forget to show off its gorgeous design. Take Portofino with you on your Italian vineyard tours, as there is no better design than this. 

Portofino looks great in both our snap and impact case versions. Choose our snap case if you want a slim and lightweight fit. This case style does not add extra bulk to your device, but instead just improves the aesthetics by adding a stunning image to the exterior. 

Why choose Portofino? 

• You like classic and chic designs
• Like complimenting colours
• To protect your device from drops and scratches 

Who is Portofino best for? 

• Those that travel to Italy
• Lovers of lemons
• Someone who wants a simple and chic design

Easy Tiger (best animal style)

Easy Tiger is a cute summer phone case design that is also fierce. The unique tiger print will make your device stand out from others during summer. The gorgeous pastel hues blend together well to create this pretty print. Tones of pink, blue, green and orange infuse to create this jungle cat phone case design. 

If you’re someone that has a fiery personality, then Easy Tiger could be the case for you. Bring out your inner tiger and enjoy your summer vacations. This case will turn heads and get attention, so if you’re someone that thrives from this, you’ll love have Easy Tiger on your phone. 

It’s available in both snap and impact case versions. It’s up to you which case is best for your lifestyle. If you find you easily drop your phone, then the impact case might be the better choice. It has two layers; a black rubber silicone insert and a hard plastic glossy shell giving the ultimate protection for your device. 

Why choose Easy Tiger? 

• You like unique designs
• Pastel colours are your favourite
• To give your device the best protection
Who is Easy Tiger best for? 

• A lover of animals
• Like pastel colours
• Someone with a fiery personality 

Best selling summer phone cases for 2022

If you're looking for a stylish and protective phone case for summer 2022, we've got the designs for you. 

leopard luxe

phone case


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phone case


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phone case


Let's conclude

The best summer phone cases are all available for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. Each of the case designs above have their own reasons why you should choose it. If you find that none of the cases above tickle your fancy, you can take a look at our full Vacation Collection. 

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