The Fan-Tastic New Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition)

The Fan-Tastic New Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition)

Samsung has listened to their fans and released the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition). It’s a little different to the rest of the Samsung S20 range, with one of the main differences being the cost. It’s cheaper than the other S20 devices and has similar specifications with only a few cutbacks.

Let’s go into more detail. 

The name ‘Samsung Galaxy S20 FE’ sets itself apart from the other models. The FE stands for “Fan Edition”. Samsung have taken it upon themselves to listen to their fans and customers by creating a new device that is fun, quirky and what the fans want in a phone. They’ve made it more affordable without compromising the functionality. 

S20 FE design and key features 

When you first look at the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, there isn’t much difference in design compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20. The S20 FE has the same rectangular camera on the back and looks very similar from the front too, including the same selfie camera, which is located centrally near the top edge on the 6.5in device display. 

One difference between the S20 FE and the S20 is the device material. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE uses a plastic build instead of the aluminium and glass combination finish that the S20 is. However, the plastic build makes the S20 FE lighter to hold. 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is available in numerous colours; Cloud Navy, Cloud Red, Cloud Mint, Cloud Lavender, Cloud Orange and Cloud White. This has replicated a similar colour range to that of the Apple iPhone 11. These colours mean the new model now appeals to a wider audience. 

The S20 FE display is slightly less quality than that of the S20 but is bigger; the S20 FE screen is 6.5in compared to 6.2in of the standard S20. The brightness of the screen is great and automatic brightness settings can be activated. When watching HDR content, the screen is sublime. 

S20 FE performance and camera 

The S20 FE has the same chipsets that are in the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It has a longer battery life and can outperform the S20. 

Focusing on the camera, this has been slightly downgraded. It lacks the 8K video recording functionality and the 64MP telephoto camera.  It still has a triple camera on the back, which is high performing. It includes a wide-angle lens, zoom sensor and can magnify a scene by up to 30x. Between the two models, the image quality is barely noticeable. 

Let’s conclude 

It seems a shame to see Samsung release a nearly identical handset to the S20 in the same year for £200 less. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the perfect phone for you if you don’t want to spend near £1000 for one and want a fun and colourful device. 

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