The 7 Best Marble Design Phone Cases

The 7 Best Marble Design Phone Cases

We all know that marble design phone cases have been extremely popular and still are today. In fact, marble design phone cases cover a broad range of patterns. From light white marble, to deep blues, browns and black marble effects, DIPSODA has got you covered. 

We know choosing a phone case design can be hard, so we want to make it easy for you. We’ve chosen our 7 best marble design phone cases in the hope this makes your decision easier. Let’s discuss our favourite marble designs below. 

#1 Golden Smoke Phone Case

DIPSODA Golden Smoke Phone Case 

Golden Smoke is one of our best selling and favourite marble designs. It fuses together beautiful bronze and brown hues to create a ‘smokey’ marble effect with specks of rose gold-like highlights, emphasising the smokey outline. The background consists of a grey quartz colour, which when paired with the browns, creates a stunning image with a golden glow. 

#2 Rose Gold Marble Phone Case

DIPSODA Rose Gold Marble Phone Case


Our Rose Gold Marble design combines the perfect hue of rose gold with marble, so what’s not to like? A blend of beautiful rose gold shades that have been applied to an off-white marble background to create this absolutely striking image. Rose gold is such a trendy colour, you wouldn’t want to be seen without it. 

#3 Be Mine Phone Case

DIPSODA Be Mine Phone Case 

Be Mine was created to showcase a pretty pink cracked marble effect phone case design. A light and pastel pink pattern that is sure to leave your phone looking fabulous and gorgeous; it’ll make your friends jealous. A sense of love and beauty is created with this marble design. Light and dark pink hues complement one another, producing a design that everyone wants. 

#4 Onyx Dream Phone Case

DIPSODA Onyx Dream Phone Case 

The DIPSODA Onyx Dream phone case design is super pretty and dainty. Showing the popular marble trend, Onyx Dream is no exception when it comes to choosing a top design. It infuses baby blue hues with light orange and yellow cracked lines, which shows the true marble effect. 

#5 Precious Opal Phone Case

DIPSODA Precious Opal Phone Case 

Precious Opal is another of our most popular designs. An elegant and stunning liquid marble design that replicates the pastel colours of precious opal stones. It’s a neutral tone case design that blends together light pinks, purples and nude colours to effortlessly generate this cute print. 

#6 Ilaria Sandstone Phone Case

DIPSODA Ilaria Sandstone Phone Case 

Our Ilaria Sandstone phone case is one of our most natural marble designs. It’s been created to depict the raw beauty of natural stones from Earth’s greatest minerals and rocks. With beige being the main hue, this is blended with pink and peach hues that pick out finer details in the printed image. 

#7 Vanilla Latte Phone Case

DIPSODA Vanilla Latte Phone Case


One of our newest designs, Vanilla Latte is a glorious vanilla and beige blend that creates this stunning marble effect case. It’s a stone that dates back centuries and creates a sense of serenity and opulence. The gold-like and orange tones pick out the fine cracks of the marble stone. You’ll definitely be wanting to enhance your device with Vanilla Latte. 

We hope this has made choosing your favourite marble design phone case easier. If you’d like to browse further, you can see our full Marble Phone Case Collection.


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