Best 3 Apple AirPods Cases

Best 3 Apple AirPods Cases

The best 3 Apple AirPods cases to keep them protected

Apple’s premium AirPods are a little wireless Bluetooth in-ear miracle with a solid build and sleek design, that have carved a permanent place in our bags and pockets. Being expensive, the last thing any AirPods owner would want is getting a replacement case ranging between £55-£75 due to damage, scratching, or misplacing. That is where the need for AirPods cases arises. Here are some of the top picks for your AirPods in case you want to protect them from damage or want to add an eccentric touch to its minimalistic design.

KOKOKA Silicone Shockproof AirPods Case Cover for Apple AirPods 2

KOKOKA Silicone Shockproof AirPods Case Cover for AirPods 2

Made up of high-quality soft silicone, these AirPods case covers by KOKOKA are not only shock and scratch proof but also anti-skidding and durable with front LED visible. It perfectly fits and secures your AirPods whilst enabling you to access the charging port easily with the perfect cutout. With the micro-matte technology used in the molding process, now you don’t have to worry about the fingerprints' impact on the cover’s surface or the dust as these covers are 100% washable. These cases also support wireless charging.

ICARER’s Premium Leather Vintage Cover with Keychain for Apple AirPods 1 & 2 

ICARER’s Premium Leather Vintage Cover with Keychain for Apple AirPods 1 & 2

This copper keychain portable Leather Case by Icarer is made of premium top-grade leather. It provides 360° protection for your AirPods as these cases are shock, scratch, and dirt proof. These cases are also compatible with the wireless charger and have an LED display visible. These cases ensure you can easily put in and take out the AirPods, so you never have to worry about the opening angle. 

ULAK Luxury Sparkly Glitter Case for AirPods 1 & 2

ULAK Pink Glitter Luxury Sparkle Protective Apple AirPods 1 & 2 Case

If you are fond of sparkly and glamorous things then this pink Sparkly Glitter Case by ULAK is the best fit for your AirPods 1 & 2. It has the perfect fit with anti-lost silicone gel inside the upper cover and soft, high-quality, anti-skid, and shockproof PU inside the lower cover to avoid any scratches to the AirPods in case of a drop. Glittery sparkle bling leather for a perfect glamorous look with mirror surface metallic plating is something to die for. With the help of a carabiner keychain, you can never lose your AirPods.

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