5 Best Ways to Conserve Your Phone's Battery

5 Best Ways to Conserve Your Phone's Battery

5 best ways to conserve your phone's battery

In order to cope with the advanced technology, our smartphones are performing more demanding tasks. To meet the growing needs, smartphone processors have become stronger and their screens larger. Our lifestyles these days depend solely on our mobile phones. We have so many tasks consecutively running on our phone that it ultimately affects its battery life.

Our mobile phones have lithium-ion batteries to save energy. Unfortunately, they haven’t made recognisable progress. So before you invest a large amount for almost the same kind of processors, it’s worth reminding you that a little power management could go a long way. Here are some tips to help you save your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Charge smart

Before you recharge your phone, it is necessary to take certain precautions because you might affect the battery life while charging it. First of all, only consider fast-charging if you are in a rush. Where fast charging helps in topping up the battery quickly, at the same time it can wear the battery down much faster than regular charging. Secondly, the most common mistake observed when charging is leaving it to charge over night. Your phone only requires a few hours to get 100% charged; the rest of the time it remains plugged in will damage the battery life in the longer run.

2. Turn on battery saver mode

One of the top mistakes most people make is not turning on their battery saver mode. Battery saver mode helps conserve the battery by limiting screen brightness, closing down some applications, limiting CPU performance, etc. 'Low Power Mode' switches on automatically at 20% on Apple smartphones. For Android users, there is an option available that can be toggled on anytime. This feature helps in saving battery and keeps your device going all day long.

3. Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not in use

If you are not connected to other devices that require Bluetooth or Wifi, your phone will keep searching for these connections, which results in battery wastage. You can always go into the settings to switch them off. If you are out where you don't require Bluetooth or Wifi, then we suggest to turn these off to save battery life.

4. Turn off live widgets and live wallpapers

We all love making our phone screens look super attractive and pretty with live wallpapers and widgets. However, these are both responsible for using a lot of your phone's batter. If you're looking to save battery life, we recommend opting for simple and still backgrounds. You might want to refrain from updating live widgets too.

5. Turn off auto-updates on your smartphone

It's something that many phone users keep activated, however, app auto-updates uses much phone battery. App improvements and updates are always being released. Turning off automatic updates will minimise background activity on your device and save the battery life.

Let's conclude

In order to enhance your phone battery, you have to limit the usage of a certain combination of power-hungry hardware and software. However, if you have an old battery, replacing it with a new one might help. By taking on board these pro tips and many more including switching off location services, lowering the screen brightness and minimising your use of data will all help conserve your phone's battery life.

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