10 Best iPhone 12 Pro Phone Cases

10 Best iPhone 12 Pro Phone Cases

Are you struggling to find the best phone case design for your iPhone 12 Pro? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered (literally). It can be hard to decide upon the best phone case when making your choice. There are so many creations to choose between, from tropical vibes to beautiful, raw marble designs. We’ve tried to make this as easy and simple as possible for you to decide from our 10 best iPhone 12 Pro phone cases. See our featured designs below, allowing you to make the right decision for your next phone case purchase. 

#1 Golden Smoke

Golden Smoke Phone Case 

Our most popular smokey marble design case, Golden Smoke is a beautiful blend of bronze and rose gold like-marble effects. It’s placed on a faded grey background and illuminates an overall golden glow. 

#2 Precious Opal

Precious Opal Phone Case 

The Precious Opal design incorporates pretty pastel colours to replicate a previous opal style stone. Although there is no actual shimmer in this pattern, the blend of pinks, purples and neutral hues effortlessly create a delicate print. 

#3 Glacial Dream

Glacial Dream Phone Case 

Our Glacial Dream phone case design replicates the creaks and cracks of an ice glacier. It contains beautiful light blue hues with gold highlights that make the image look like sunlight is bouncing of ice. It is truly stunning. 

#4 Magic Bronze

Magic Bronze Phone Case 

Magic Bronze is a complete mystery. A design that infuses bronze colours with grey, creating a unique and extraordinary pattern. You could say it looks like Earth with the grey acting as the special seas. It also has a slight rose gold element too. 

#5 Lavender Quartz

 Lavender Quartz Phone Case

A pretty pastel design, Lavender Quartz is taken from the fabulous European flower, Lavender. You can almost imagine the glorious, summery lavender scent when placing this case on the back of your device. It boosts beautiful lilac and purple hues to create this marble effect image. 

#6 Rose Gold Marble
Rose Gold Marble Phone Case

A true favourite of ours, the Rose Gold Marble design is gorgeous. One that infuses rose gold hues and marble, it creates such a stunning image. A very popular colour and pattern, it makes the perfect phone case design for any device and colour. 

#7 Pistachio Cake

Pistachio Cake Phone Case 

Has the title alone got you thinking of pistachio ice cream or cake? Our Pistachio Cake design is a minimal pastel pistachio green marble design that is beautiful and perfect for summer or vacations. 

#8 Pearl Seraphina

Pearl Seraphina Phone Case 

One of our collaboration cases, Pearl Seraphina was designed partially by Fliss Noakes. It’s a super elegant and sophisticated design that draws on the beautiful shape of a woman’s body. The line art is placed on a pearlescent effect background. 

#9 New Beginnings

New Beginnings Case Phone 

Part of our New Year 2021 collection, New Beginnings was designed to bring great things in 2021. It’s a snazzy, glitzy design that infuses blues, pinks and purples to create the perfect New Year case. 

#10 Tropical Temptation

Tropical Temptation Phone Case 

Everybody loves a bit of temptation in their life. With our Tropical Temptation case, you are transported into a tropical and tranquil universe. Imagine yourself on a tropical beach, catching those lovely rays of sunshine. It’s the perfect case for tropical vacations and days spent in the sun. 

We hope this has made it a little easier to decide amongst our 10 best iPhone 12 Pro phone cases. Each design has its own reason why you should make the purchase, depending on your style or travelling vibes. 

You can view all our case designs here.

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