Will an iPhone 14 Pro Case fit the iPhone 15 Pro?

Will an iPhone 14 Pro Case fit the iPhone 15 Pro?

With each new iPhone release, Apple enthusiasts are faced with the exciting prospect of upgrading to the latest and greatest technology. As the iPhone 15 Pro hits the market, it's natural for users to wonder if they can continue to use their beloved iPhone 14 Pro phone cases to protect their new device. In this blog post, we have to break the news: iPhone 14 Pro phone cases will not fit the iPhone 15 Pro. Here's why.

Understanding Apple's iPhone Evolution

Apple consistently pushes the envelope when it comes to smartphone technology, and each new iPhone model usually introduces design changes and innovations. While Apple maintains a certain level of consistency within a product generation, they often make subtle alterations that can have a significant impact on case compatibility.

In general, Apple tends to keep the physical dimensions, such as height and width, relatively consistent within a product generation. However, they can change the placement of buttons, ports, or camera modules. These changes, even if they seem minor, can render older cases incompatible with the latest iPhone models.

Key Differences Between iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro

To understand why iPhone 14 Pro cases won't fit the iPhone 15 Pro, let's highlight some of the key differences between these two models:

  1. Camera Layout: One of the most notable changes with iPhone 15 Pro is the camera layout. Apple often enhances camera capabilities with each new release, which can result in a larger or differently arranged camera module on the back of the device. This can directly affect the fit of older cases designed for the previous model.

  2. Button Placement: Apple occasionally adjusts the placement of buttons on the sides of the iPhone. Even a slight shift in button placement can make it impossible to access or use them properly with an older case.

  3. Port Locations: Changes to the location of ports, such as the lightning port or speakers, can also impact the compatibility of cases. If the cutouts in the case don't align with the ports on the new iPhone, it can hinder functionality and aesthetics.

  4. Size and Thickness: While Apple may maintain the general size and thickness of a product generation, slight variations can still occur. These differences can prevent a snug fit and proper protection.


In the world of technology, innovation is constant, and Apple continues to push boundaries with each new iPhone release. While it's tempting to hope that your existing iPhone 14 Pro case will fit your new iPhone 15 Pro, the reality is that these cases are not interchangeable due to the subtle but crucial design differences between the two models.

To ensure your iPhone 15 Pro is properly protected, it's best to invest in a case specifically designed for this model. Manufacturers will be quick to release iPhone 15 Pro cases that offer the perfect fit, allowing you to safeguard your device while enjoying all the new features and improvements Apple has introduced with its latest flagship smartphone. While it might be disappointing that your old case won't work, the good news is that there will be plenty of stylish and functional options available for your new iPhone 15 Pro.