The Best Snap & Tough Marble Phone Cases

The Best Snap & Tough Marble Phone Cases

You’re probably wondering what the difference is between a snap and tough (impact) phone case and which one is going to protect your device more. 

Snap Phone Cases 

Our snap cases have been designed for slimness and ease. It makes sliding your device into a pocket or handbag really easy. The snap case is thin doesn’t add bulk to your phone; it just improves the aesthetics without comprising the functionality. These cases have cut out detailing at the top and bottom and allow easy access to all the buttons and ports on your device. If you’re looking for a way to simply improve the look and style of your phone, rather than super protection, then the snap case is a good choice. 

Tough (Impact) Phone Cases 

Our tough (impact) cases are built for those who need solid phone protection. Perhaps you’re constantly dropping your phone or you spend most your time outdoors doing extreme activities, the tough case is for you. This type of case has two layers for extra protection and durability; a black rubber insert and a hard plastic outer shell. the black rubber insert cushions your phone against impact such as drops and falls. If you’re seeking a case that will fully protect your device, the tough (impact) case is the way forward. 

With this in mind, we’ve chosen our best snap and tough marble phone cases so help make choosing a design easier for you. 

Snap Marble Phone Cases 

Siesta Sunset Phone Case

DIPSODA Siesta Sunset Phone Case 

Our Siesta Sunset marble phone case design draws on inspiration from Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida.  Instantly take your mind to hotter and tropical climates with this pastel pink and orange marble effect. These beautiful hues blend together to create a sunset-like design that emanates warmth and vacations. 

Rose Gold Marble Phone Case

DIPSODA Rose Gold Marble Phone Case


One of our best snap phone cases, Rose Gold Marble is a gorgeous marble effect design that infuses pretty rose gold hues against a white marble background. A very on-trend pattern, Rose Gold Marble is the perfect design for a snap phone case. Easily snap it onto your device and away you go. 

Marbled Cream Phone Case

DIPSODA Marbled Cream Phone Case 

Marbled Cream is a classy and stunning off-white and beige marble design phone case. This particular pattern looks great as a snap case because of the neutral colours. The perfect addition to your daily outfit, it oozes ‘summer white party’. Comprising of whites, creams, beiges and slight baby blue hues, it’s a design you’ll want to encase your device with. 

Tough (Impact) Marble Phone Cases 

Mineral Mayhem Phone Case

DIPSODA Mineral Mayhem Phone Case 

Our Mineral Mayhem marble phone case design is perfect fitting for a tough case. Pair the black rubber insert and hard outer shell with this design printed on it and you’ve got yourself a fabulous case. Comprising of blues, greens and oranges, it’s a stunning marble and mineral design. 

Golden Smoke Phone Case

DIPSODA Golden Smoke Phone Case 

One of our best designs, Golden Smoke is a fantastic design for a tough phone case. The browns and greys match with the black rubber insert of the tough case, making it the perfect combination for a marble phone case. Golden Smoke certainly has a ‘golden glow’ with gold-like highlights enhancing the overall image. 

Marble Tide Phone Case

DIPSODA Marble Tide Phone Case 

The Marble Tide phone case is another great design that looks good as a tough case. The dark hues of this image compromise the black rubber insert of the tough case, bringing the whole case together. This is definitely a favourite of ours if you’re after a tough marble phone case. 

So, there we have it. Our best snap and tough marble phone cases. Hopefully this had made your choosing power easier. If not, you can see our complete Marble Phone Case Collection.