How to select the best smartphone case

How to select the best smartphone case

Understanding what criteria to consider when buying a new phone case is crucial. We delve into aspects like design, materials, and additional features, allowing you to make an informed choice tailored to your specific needs. You might be in search of a highly protective case that offers robust "tough" or "impact" defence, or perhaps you're simply seeking a stylish case that complements your attire flawlessly.

Let’s get started. 

Materials that are commonly used

Phone cases are most commonly made from various versions of plastic, but there are other materials that can be used. These are a few of the materials that we’ve mentioned. 

Silicone/gel/rubber: these materials are soft and flexible, making them extremely form fitting to any device. They are cheaper to produce and provide standard protection for your device. They also add extra grip to prevent you from dropping your phone. 

Leather: leather or leather-like materials are common also. Leather is normally used for wallet, folio and flip style cases, as it works the best for this kind of design. Leather is better wearing than plastic, and looks more expensive. These style cases can be bulkier than a standard silicone or gel case. 

Polycarbonate/TPU: these materials are the most commonly used. Polycarbonate is a great material for being scratch proof and impact resistance. TPU is softer and therefore not as good for impact protection. If you have a case that combines both these materials, it will provide better protection that those made from a single layer of either. These materials allow for case designs that are more intricate. 

Wood: wood is occasionally used for phone cases, as it can be expensive to produce. Wood is not flexible, so cases created from it have to have other materials used to make it flexible enough to fit around your phone. Wood provides a unique look, with good protection.


Different forms 

When you purchase a case, you’ll need to decide what type of case you want – the form factor. We discuss some of the most common. 

Standard form: these are cases that protect the back and side of your phone, leaving the screen accessible. Most of these forms will have a raised lip around the case to prevent the screen from touching any surface. This is one of the most popular options, as it’s light-weight and easy to use and hold.

Tough: these cases normally have several layers of materials to create a tough protection. Many of these designs have extra protection in the corners of the cases. If the phone is dropped, the corners are extra protected, and should limit your screen smashing. Some tough cases can even protect against water and dust, and have an IP rating. 

Bumper: a bumper case lines the edge of your phone, and can sometimes leave the back of your phone exposed. The bumper protects the sides and corners of your phone, which are the most at risk when dropped. Bumper cases are light weight. 

Folio/wallet: these styles act like a book, covering the back and sides of your phone with a flip part covering the front of your screen. These cases are more bulky than standard cases but definitely great if you’re after full protection. They’re good because wallet cases protect the screen of your phone.


Extra features 

Cases not only protect your device but offer looks and style. 

Wallet: wallet cases allow you to carry your credit cards in your phone case, which means you don’t have to carry extra bags. Everything you need is in one place 

Battery packs: battery cases are cases that have a portable changer combined with the case. It extends your phone’s battery life when it’s getting low. By having it on the case itself means it’s always with you. Battery cases can be quite bulky. 

Stands: some cases come with a built-in stand so that it makes it easy for you to watch media, such as videos. Most wallet or folio cases come with a stand, that when folded back makes it easy for your phone to stand on its own.



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