Do Samsung S10 Phone Cases Fit the Samsung S10 5G?

Do Samsung S10 Phone Cases Fit the Samsung S10 5G?

Alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e, Samsung released a fourth model, the S10 5G. We want to understand the difference between the Samsung S10 and S10 5G and which device you are better off purchasing. We’ll also come to the conclusion whether S10 phone cases will fit the S10 5G too. 

Design difference between the Samsung S10 and S10 5G 

Immediately, you’ll notice the main difference between the two phone models is size. The S10 has a 6.1in screen compared to the S10 5G, which has a 6.7in screen. The 5G models is slightly thicker and heavier too. This model is heavier due to its next-gen network capability, which requires an extra modem. The Samsung S10 5G still is lighter than the iPhone XS Max. 

In essence, the S10 and S10 5G look extremely similar. On the front of both devices, there are curved displays that reach to the top and bottom of the devices. This is achieved with the ‘Infinity-O’ technique, which basically means the front camera is put within the borders of the screen, rather than in a notch. This means you’ll get more screen and less bezel. The S20 has a singular front-facing camera whereas the S10 5G has a longer shaped camera. 

S10 and S10 5G specifications and features 

The main specification of the Samsung S10 5G is obvious. It’s 5G connectivity is what sets it apart from the other S10 models. 5G connectivity means it will be able to connect to the next-generation mobile network with super speeds. With a fast connection to your device, you’ll be wanting to stream your favourite programmes. Because of the 5G connectivity, the S10 5G needs a bigger battery, which will take a little longer to charge the other S10 models. If you’re looking for large memory in your device, the Galaxy S10 has up to 512GB worth of storage compared to 256GB in the S10 5G. If you’d like to expand the storage at all, the 5G model lacks this offering, as there is no microSD storage available. 

The difference in the camera on the S10 and S10 5G 

Both phones have a base triple-camera, however, the S10 5G has a 3D depth-sensing camera that allows for augmented reality content. The front cameras on both devices are very similar too, with the 5G models again having a depth-sensing camera for better selfies. 

Will a S10 phone case fit the S10 5G? 

Unfortunately, no. With the main difference being the size of the two devices, a phone case made for the Samsung S10 will not fit the Samsung S10 5G. 

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