15 Things You’ll Need for a Night Out

15 Things You’ll Need for a Night Out

15 things you’ll need for the best night out on the town with your besties

Haven’t had a night out in ages? Have you forgotten the most important things you’ll need to last all night? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with 15 things you’ll need for a night out.

1. Black faux-leather jacket

ASOS Black Faux-Leather Jacket 

A jacket that can easily be thrown on over any outfit. We suggest a black faux-leather jacket. It’s a simple yet chic addition to any outfit and can be worn in summer and winter, whatever the weather.

2. Card holder

Slim Card Holder

No one wants to be carrying around a bulky purse on a night out. Get yourself a slim card holder to carry essentials only. 

3. DIPSODA Midnight Brunch phone case

DIPSODA Midnight Brunch Marble Phone Case

Planning on seeing midnight? Our Midnight Brunch marble phone design makes such a fabulous phone accessory for a night out. The dark blue and white marble swirls create a really cool and unique pattern, making it great to pair with your sassy night out style. 

4. Bracelet flask

Rose Gold Bracelet Flask

A great and cheeky way to get your favourite drink into your favourite club or bar. A bracelet flask could be your answer to the ultimate night out accessory. 

5. Small cross-body bag

Small Cross Body Bag

A small bag that’ll fit all your necessary accessories in for the ultimate night out. Get yourself a small cross-body bag that will suit and can be styled with any outfit in a neutral colour.

6. Invisible hair bands

Invisibobble Invisible Hair Bands

An important accessory to have when you hit the dance floor and start getting hot and sweaty. Quickly and easily tie your hair up with an invisible hair band without sacrificing its original style and putting kinks in it. 

7. No-show socks

No-show socks

A statement piece for those slightly uncomfortable shoes. No-show socks that have grips at the back will ensure your favourite shoes remain in place all night and make dancing easier and comfortable. 

8. DIPSODA Purple Crystal pop up phone grip

DIPSODA Purple Crystal Pop Up Popsocket Phone Grip

An easy to apply and secure phone grip that means you can take those sassy selfies without dropping your phone. Our Purple Crystal pop up phone grip is the perfect accessory to pair with your phone case. 

9. Collapsible flasks

Collapsible Drinks Flasks

Another great way to get your favourite drink into the club when drinks are £15+ and you prefer your wine from home. Collapsible flasks can be put in your bag or coat pocket and won’t set off the metal detector anytime soon. 

10. Small portable charger

Small Portable Phone Charger Power Bank

A must-have for a night out to ensure your phone remains charged for those all-important selfies. Don’t get stuck with no battery; you’ll kick yourself. Ensure you get a small portable charger before your next night out. 

11. Fashion tape

Fashion Tape

Worrying about keeping your outfit in place? Invest in some fashion tape and take it out with you so you’re not caught out in a fashion nightmare. 

12. Blister prevention

Blister Prevention

Struggle with blisters on a night out? Don’t let them get in the way of enjoying yourself. Provide yourself with instant relief from pain, pressure and friction with some good blister prevention

13. Makeup setting spray

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Setting Spray

The best way to ensure your makeup stays in place all night. Find yourself a decent makeup setting spray and your make up will remain in place all night. 

14. Oil blotting paper

Face Oil Blotting Paper

If you’re not into the glowy makeup look and occasionally suffer with oily and shiny skin, you might want to invest in some oil blotting paper. It does wonders if you’re looking to reduce a shiny t-zone. 

15. DIPSODA Dubai Nights phone case

DIPSODA Dubai Nights Marble Phone Case
Looking for the ultimate phone case for a night out? Try our Dubai Nights phone case. It is sure to leave your device looking fabulous and will be the perfect accessory for any outfit you choose. Also see our full collection of marble phone cases for lots more choice.