12 Best Pancake Toppings

12 Best Pancake Toppings

Pancake Day is a great way to mix up your normal breakfast routine and indulge in pancakes galore! Brighten up your breakfast with delicious pancakes that are loaded with super tasty and mouth-watering toppings. It’s very hard to say no to warm and buttery pancakes, right?

Easy to make and heavenly in flavour, the possibilities of toppings are endless. Whether you like the classic lemon and sugar, or you like to mix it up with Nutella and fruit, the list goes on. If you find yourself struggling for ideas or you just want to try something new, we’ve got you covered for our 12 best pancake toppings.

12 best pancake toppings

1. Classic lemon and sugar

Lemon and Sugar Pancakes

For us, nothing beats the classic lemon and sugar topping. A mixture of sweet and sour, it’ll drive your tastebuds crazy. It’s a great way to wake you up for the day with the sourness of the lemon mixing with the sweetness of the sugar combined with lovely warm pancakes.

2. Maple syrup

Maple Syrup Pancakes

Drizzling sweet maple syrup over warm pancakes is a match made in heaven. The stickiness of the maple syrup melting over the warm pancakes will ensure every mouthful you take guarantees you delicious perfection.

3. Fresh berries

Fresh Berries Pancakes

Berries are the healthier pancake topping of choice. Choose between strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or even combine all to create a juicy burst of flavour. You can even try mixing blueberries into the pancake mixture and cook them; this truly creates a colourful and nutritious breakfast option.

4. Cream

Cream Pancakes

If you’re feeling a little naughty, try whipping cream and add it to your pancakes. The sweet and creamy flavour makes for an indulgent topping. Canned whipped cream can work well but nothing is better than whipping your own fresh cream. You can always add cream on top of other toppings such as fresh berries.

5. Nutella

Nutella Pancakes

A favourite of ours, Nutella is such a great topping for pancakes. The hazelnut taste spread all over your warm pancakes is heavenly. It’s a great topping to use for dessert pancakes, rather than breakfast. Be careful though; it’s not low in calories!

6. Chocolate and banana

Chocolate and Banana Pancakes

Bananas make a really excellent topping. Add chocolate sauce to the mix and it gets even better. Bananas are good because they are packed with potassium which everyone needs. Add them to protein pancakes and you’ve got yourself a great breakfast to get you going for the day.

7. Warm blueberry sauce

Blueberry Sauce Pancakes

Delicious comes to mind. Nothing beats drizzling warm blueberry sauce over warm pancakes for breakfast. Easy to make from frozen blueberries and deliciously adds sweetness.

8. Ice cream

Ice Cream Pancakes

Perhaps not the best choice for breakfast but certainly a winner for a great dessert. Combining the cold ice cream on the warm pancakes will certainly get your tastebuds tingling. Choose your favourite flavour of ice cream whether it’s vanilla, chocolate or strawberry (or all) to add to the pancakes. It’ll start to melt and create a delightful taste.

9. Fresh fruit

Fresh Fruit Pancakes

We’re not talking about berries again here, but other appealing fresh fruits. Try bananas, juicy nectarines, apples and pears to create a mouth-watering flavour that’ll leave you wanting more.

10. Nuts

Nut Pancakes

Nuts are a great way to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients. They add crunch to your pancakes and taste great alongside maple syrup. Pick your favourite, whether that’s almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts or pistachios, and create your masterpiece.

11. Fruit compote

Fruit Compote Pancakes

It’s basically fruit and syrup combined. Fruit compote is sweet and can be served cold or hot. It’s super easy to make. You just need to boil your fruit of choice (we suggest berries) with sugar, water and lemon juice for around 10 minutes. Then serve it warm on your pancakes or wait for it to cool.

12. Bacon and maple syrup

Bacon and Maple Syrup Pancakes

An American favourite. This is most definitely the most perfect combination of sweet and savoury. The savoury crunch of the bacon mixed with the sweetness of the maple syrup will get your tastebuds tingling. It’s such a good option for a delicious breakfast.