Our thoughts: Snap Case vs Impact Case

Our thoughts: Snap Case vs Impact Case

A question that is asked very often; what’s the difference between an impact (tough) case and a snap (slim) case? The answer is simple. A snap case is slim and chic. An impact case has two layers for extra durability and protection.

Snap case

A snap case is the perfect choice if you’re after a case that is slim and chic. It allows your phone to easily fit in your pocket or handbag and does not add any extra bulk. A snap case is designed with function in mind and provides you with ease.

 Our snap cases are produced for a tight fit on your phone so it’s well protected. You’ll always need to push hard to get the case to ‘snap’ it onto your phone, but once it’s on, you won’t notice it apart from the fabulous design you’ve chosen.

Impact case

An impact case is made for those that prefer a little more bulk and added protection to their device. The impact case has two layers for extra durability and protection.

We like to think the impact case is nearly indestructible; the rubber insert cushions your phone from impact, whilst the hard outer shell is where the gorgeous design sits. It also offers another layer of protection from drops and falls.

Snap case vs Impact case

The choice is up to you

We won’t make the decision for you. The case type you choose will depend on what your day-to-day life consists of. If you are after a slim and chic fit, then we suggest the Snap case. If you have a busy life and are constantly on the go, the Impact case could be the better choice for you, as it will give your phone the best protection against drops, bumps and falls.

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