Ensure that your phone is fully styled with one of our fabulous iPhone X designer cases. As a designer brand, you won’t want any other design, and we have a collection to suit everyone. Here at Dipsoda, our phone case designs are captured and curated from around the globe, presenting new ideas and patterns. Focusing on tropical, earth and nautical themes, we want you to feel like you are connecting with the planet, appreciating and conserving it every day. We try to ensure that our phone cases are shipped with no extra packaging to help the environment and assist in creating a sustainable future.


So, which designer case is for you? We believe that we have a phone case design tailored to each individual. The style of your phone is just as important as your outfit choice, so choosing an iPhone X designer case is key.


Nautical Collection


As our newest collection, the nautical themed phone cases amplify the significance of the ocean and all that’s within it. Using cute repetitive patterns, we feel that our designs bring to life the serenity of the ocean and the creatures that live in it. Crabs and turtles have been included on many of the cases and a number of designs contain ship anchors and wheels.



Tropical Collection


Combining all things tropical, this collection showcases the beauty and wonder of rainforests, palm trees and wildlife. Whether you want the natural vibe of trees and palms, or the playfulness of flamingos and zebras, we have the perfect iPhone X designer case for you.



Stone Collection


Connect with earth. Our Stone Collection captures the textures and colours of stones and minerals found on our planet. Bringing your phone up to date with nature, our stone cases are great for completing your outfit of choice with wonderful autumnal colours and patterns.



Floral Collection


Make your day pretty and bright with our Floral Collection. Full of vibrancy and colour, these beautifully designed phone cases are created with care. Curating tropical flowers and incorporating into individual patterns, the design of these iPhone X cases are unique. These designs should not be ordinary and should be brought to life.



With the above in mind, select your iPhone X designer case of choice. Lighten up your day and outfit with one of our gorgeous designs; everyone will want one when they’ve seen it. Even purchase as a gift for a loved one and share the love and design.